How PR Bars helped me place 3rd at ‘The Worlds Toughest Footrace’

On July 23rd I lined up against the deepest field in the history of The Badwater 135, which National Geograpic has called “The Worlds Toughest Footrace.” The race was here, but nothing that transpired over the next 27 hours of my life would have mattered if I hadn’t paid attention to my recovery and nutrition during the grueling months of training leading up to the race.

Let’s go back to mid-February of this year. I had just run a 2:45 marathon and was in pretty good shape at the time when I was announced as one of the 100 elite runners who were invited to compete in this year’s Badwater 135. A race that covers 135 miles through Death Valley, during the hottest week of the year, and just for fun goes over 3 mountain passes. I knew my training game was going to have to be stepped up.

If you read my earlier blog post about my training regime, you know I was putting in A LOT of miles leading up to this race. Miles that day after day took a toll on my body. Miles that if I didn’t put equal attention into my recovery would have lead to injury. This is where PR Bars where my knight in shining armor. I often trained in remote locations more than 30 minutes from my house. PR Bars were the only way I was going to immediately refuel my body and start the recovery process. Without that immediate intake of protein, my recovery process would be delayed. Multiple days of delayed recovery could lead to injury.

The reason PR Bars, to me, made the difference is one you might not be expecting. I am someone who is fairly aware of nutritional facts and benefits. But I am also someone who enjoys good tasting foods, and at the end of the day I really don’t care how healthy something is for me if it tastes like crap. I have tried countless nutritional bars in my years as an athlete but PR Bars are the only bar I can honestly say I can enjoy as a snack just as much as I can look forward to eating after a hard running effort.

So, to bring this back to the race, those 27 hours mattered because of how good PR Bars taste, and how much recovery inducing proteins they include. In the 27 hours the 135 miles took me, I bested 96 of the fittest, most accomplished athletes in the world, only coming up short of beating two of them.

The Badwater 135 was a special day for me, and a coming out party of sorts for me on the national stage of ultra running. I could not have done it with my PR Bars refueling me!