How Far Can I push Myself?

In a world where there are so many distractions, and so many things to bring you down, it’s important to find something that allows you to get away, center yourself, and really feel alive. For me, that activity is running. Ultra running, to be more specific. Ultra running is my meditation. It’s my escape.  

I have always participated in sports; from growing up playing baseball, to running circles with the high school track team, to rowing for four years with the University of Iowa Mens Rowing Team. Athletics have always been an extremely important part of my life. Throughout all of my sports experiences, there has been one thought that drives me: what are my limits?

Each day I wake up wondering how far I can push myself. And honestly, the intrigue of finding the answer to “how far can I push myself” is the reason I compete in 100+ mile races. How will I ever know how far I can go, or how good I can be, if I accept limits and stop pushing boundaries? Someday, I will find my breaking point. Someday I will admit that a course or event has defeated me. But until that day, I look forward to events that will challenge every last ounce of my mental and physical abilities to get to the finish. 

– Don Reichelt, Ultra Runner