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PR Bar was founded in 1992 with a mission to produce products that would propel endurance athletes to personal records. With the accomplishment of Olympic medals, world-class athletes breaking personal records, ambassadors setting world records and fueling weekend warriors to new heights we have proven to meet and exceed our mission time and time again.

In 2016, PR Bar re-launched with a re-inspired enthusiasm to create nutritional products that deliver sustained energy and endurance for all active lifestyles.

Founded by a father and son duo, they recognized the need to create a great tasting, but nutritional bar that offers athletes and health enthusiasts the fuel needed for peak performance in everyday life.

You’ll see why people across the nation are discovering this must-have bar. Try one today.


When you work with us you become family - and we mean that. We whole-heartedly believe in our people and cultivate a meaningful, exciting and inspiring work environment.

Our devotion to leading healthy and meaningful lifestyles drives what we do daily and permeates throughout our company. Oh, and must like PR Bars – it’s our daily energizer around here.

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PR Health Focus
November 2018
PR Stories
Dream A New Dream
Premium fuel to finish – every time.  
— Davis T.
Two bars got me up Pikes Peak.  
— Rick A.
No more mid-race fatigue.
— Jeff C.
No more fear to finish 26.2 strong.
—  Abby K.
Not your mom’s protein bar.
—  Kelly M.
Complete meal for a no-breakfast person like me.
— Rachel M.
Spartan Race Beast:
Scott K. finished in the top 5% of all male racers and took 5th place for his age group